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Well I have been talking, VIA email, with a distant relative back in the Netherlands.

His name is Klaas Willem Siersema and has done alot of research into our family tree.

One unfortunate outcome is that the Siersema Family Crest appears to not in actuallity be ours.

He sent a letter to Opa (Johan Nico Siersema) back in 1995 but never got a reply.

He has traced back to 2 brothers, Gerrit and Isebrant Siersema that are directly related to my line of the Siersema family.

Gerrit Siersema was baptised December 3, 1758 in the Nieuwe Kerk in Groningen city. His brother Isebrant Siersema was baptised February 22, 1761 in the same church.

Klass is a direct descendant of Isebrant, and I of Gerrit, that is where our trees split. All of the information he has prior to that is obviously directly related to both of our lines.

Klass did most of his research without computers so it isn't in a digital format but he has told me that he will be helping out with information as he is so able.

I will hopefully get some information from Klass in the near future to get a family member page of him up here to share with all and we have the forum to talk with eachother and post thoughts and what nots so please jump in there and have some fun.


~Michael Lee Siersema



Nieuwe Kerk Church in Groningen




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