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Hello Siersema's!

Well this is our site. I want everyone to feel like they are part of it so what I will do is take pictures and information that anyone wants posted and put up personal pages for any and all of the Siersema family.

I think this can be a fun way to learn more about eachother and also have a way that we all can get in contact.

I am still in the setup stage of this site so it will be changing quite frequently until I finally get it all set up the way that it will stay.

I will gladly take any suggestions or criticism and try to use it to better the site. As I have said this site is not for me, it is for US!

Right now the only way to get info and files to me is through email unfortunately. I will see what I can do about setting up something that will let you upload to the site any stuff and then I will review it and post it as soon as I can get to it.

I am also offering FREE Just let me know what you would like yours to be and what you would like your password to be and I will get you set up in no time.


Please drop me an email, I would love to hear from any and all of you!
Just click this link to do so.




Thank you all in advance for all the help,


Michael Lee Siersema


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